The Spring Sandal Trend Fashion Girls Are All Over Right Now

I was lucky enough to give Teva’s latest GC100 collection a whirl on a recent trip with the brand to the original birthplace of the sporty sandal, the Grand Canyon. Here’s a little fun backstory: The sporty sandal was originally created out of necessity back in 1984 when a resourceful river guide on the shores of the Grand Canyon strapped two velcro watch bands to a pair of old flip-flops to prevent them running downstream—and just like that—Teva was born!

Teva’s GC100 collection is a partnership with Grand Canyon to celebrate its 100th year as a national park—paying homage to the brand’s birthplace in a campaign it’s aptly named “Born in the Canyon.” The brand has donated $100,000 to the national park and has partnered with the Grand Canyon Conservancy’s Field School to provide scholarships for underserved youth and accelerate Teva’s commitment to the preservation of our outdoor treasures, as explained to me by Anders Bergstrom, general manager at Teva.