The son of an army veteran builds his father a new hand Video

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Finally tonight, a son on a mission for his dad, a war veteran. The technology that brought them even closer. Here’s John donvan. Reporter: Like so many who served, Jason Frey came home from Iraq 13 years ago with a body that needed to adapt. In this case, his right arm. That’s his boy Robbie in the picture. But Jason got an upgrade recently. And his son Robbie is the inventor, a high schooler now, a whiz at robotics who wished his dad could play video games with him. Every time, it was the same response, sorry, you need two hands for this. Reporter: A while back, he built a controller his dad could use. Which I thought was really need. Reporter: Then giving his dad a new right hand, one modeled on his left, and also made workable. I modeled it online, then 3D printed it. I assembled the pieces afterward. Reporter: Here’s Jason holding a baseball his hand gr grabbed and picked up. I was really cool. Reporter: All it took was 13 years of waiting for a smart kid named Robbie to grow up some, and figure it out. John donvan, ABC news. Robbie is an incredible kid. We thank John for that story. And we thank you for watching. I’m Tom llamas in New York. Have a great evening.

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