The Sock Boot Trend That Will Always Be in Style

With the ever-changing fashion industry and trend cycle, items often go out faster than they ever came in. In fact, I actually play a little game with myself at the start of each season and try to guess the hot trends I don’t think will see the light after they have their moment. Last season I would’ve bet that sock booties, in particular, would be over by the time 2019 hit. Experts also agreed that the shoe silhouette was starting to flunk out in favor of more streamlined picks with skinny heels.

Well, while it’s true that we may be seeing less of the boot shape overall, the trend is still kickin’ (literally). As some of the most fashionable A-listers—Hailey Rhode Bieber and Victoria Beckham included—continue to showcase in their recent ensembles, sock booties aren’t fizzling in the slightest and are still very much a thing. To prove it further, I rounded up some of the coolest celeb looks from the last few weeks featuring the shoe silhouette. I also shopped out a few sleek pairs if you want to finally jump on the trend train. And if you’re over them, I included selects of other A+ boot styles to consider as well.