The Shoes Fashion People Don’t Wear With Leggings

It seems every week we’re here to chat about what to wear (and not wear) with leggings. We’re hoping this is helpful information since you probably live in the stretchy pants as much as we do, and as a result are consistently on the hunt for forward new outfits to wear with them. Since all A+ ensembles start with the perfect shoes, we’re here now to go over the style we’re not really seeing fashion people wear with leggings—and what they’re wearing instead.

While you can absolutely dress leggings up if you desire, they are casual in nature and lend themselves well to more toned-down pairings. To that, the fashion crowd seems to be getting over wearing pointed ankle boots with leggings in favor of more of-the-moment silhouettes like combat boots. This makes perfect sense. Because really, if you’re wearing leggings, chances are the goal is to stay comfortable and cool off-duty, and heeled booties wouldn’t necessarily accomplish that.

With that in mind, keep scrolling to find outfit inspiration of fashion girls wearing the boot style of the moment with leggings, and shop each look too.