The Shoe Style I Completely Refuse to Wear

If you’re familiar with my byline then you know I’m your girl for what’s going on in the denim world, your personal designer (resale) shopper, bikini and swimwear connoisseur, and accidental lingerie trend spotter. What you won’t find me wearing or writing a whole lot about is a certain style of flats. Enter my passion piece for my dislike of loafers. The oxford-style shoes aren’t my jam for a couple of reasons. First and most importantly the few times I’ve tried wearing loafers I end up with intense blisters that last over a week so the pain of breaking in the flats ain’t worth it for me. The other solid reason is pretty simple, the style isn’t really my look. Besides sneakers and flat sandals, I’m a heels girl through and through rotating my favorite strappy sandals and block heel boots.

I typically live by the never say never moto when it comes to fashion choices because trends always come back around but I’ve found a shoe style I’m happily making an exception for. Loafers, I’ve given you a chance but I just refuse to ever wear the painful style again. Don’t at me but you can DM me @mscanga to join the thank you, next footwear club and share the style you refuse to wear. On the flipside, I’m sharing some of my all-time favorite heels below. Scroll down to see and shop the goods.