The Sage Green Outfits Everyone’s Wearing on Instagram

Welcome to #WhoWhatWearing, a series in which we highlight you, our stylish community of readers. Each of the following looks came straight from a photo you tagged us in on Instagram. Want to be featured next time? You guessed it: Use #WhoWhatWearing on the outfit posts you want us to see.

Do you feel personally victimized by the neon craze? Can’t bear to witness another slime green turtleneck on your feed? Well then this should serve as the fashion news you’ve been waiting to hear: There’s a new 2019 color trend in town and it’s the softer, easier-to-style cousin of bright green. I present to you Pantone 15-0318-TPX, a soft green reminiscent of dried sage leaves. The color has been slowly infiltrating our Instagram feeds, and we’re predicting that soon enough sage green outfits will be everywhere we look.

It’s an offbeat color, which is precisely why fashion girls are intrigued by it—the quirky color feels new and different. Sage green couldn’t be easier to style while neon tends to take a concerted effort to pull off. As you’ll see in the following outfit roundup courtesy of our cool-beyond-belief readers, sage green is easily styled via a green jacket on top of jeans or more boldly, a tonal suit.

Keep reading to get inspired by the sage green outfits Who What Wear readers are sharing with us on Instagram and then further down shop pieces to jumpstart you on the trend.