The Reason Jeans Look Cheap

When it comes to shopping for jeans, it’s safe to say that we want it all, meaning that we want quality denim that looks expensive, but isn’t. The good news is that acquiring that isn’t as impossible of a feat as you’d think. The key is knowing how to spot the qualities that cheapen the look of denim, and what to buy instead. As we recently did with jewelry, we tapped an expert on the subject of denim, to school us on the subject of spotting cheap denim. 

Mary Peffer, VP of Marketing and Brand Creative for J Brand told us, “With the advanced capability of lasers it’s harder to break down denim don’ts via fabric stereotypes. But a product with crummy hardware is still a pretty good giveaway to the overall design approach. Another way is to examine packaging trims, J Brand’s become more transparent in terms of what innovative elements go into our jeans, i.e. eco-wash water reduction, recycled hardware, recycled cotton, Photo Ready HD stretch technology, and more. But with all things fashion, if something speaks to you, and you feel good wearing it, then that’s the most important thing.”

So to recap, hardware that looks cheap will subsequently make your denim look cheap, and innovative materials are a hallmark of high-quality denim. Now that you know, keep scrolling to shop 20 pairs of jeans that look expensive (even though much of it is easy-on-the wallet).