The Perfect Fall Skincare Routine and the Products to Use

Just when we got our summer skincare routine down pat, the universe (aka—our Google calendar) pulls a fast one on us by revealing that it’s not only August (I mean, huh?), but it’s almost Fall. (HUH!?) While it might seem unfeasible for pumpkins, Hocus Pocus, and plunging temperatures to be just around the river bend, 2020 says it’s so. The good news? Despite what Instagram, skincare marketing, and your favorite retailers might want you to believe, you actually don’t have to completely overhaul your current skincare regimen to make way for a new fall protocol.

In fact, making a few strategic changes should pretty much do the trick. Below, we’re diving into all things fall skincare—eight essential tips for maintaining and improving your skin like a pro, plus a few skin type-specific recommendations to keep in your back pocket as well. Keep scrolling! We consulted three top skin experts to help your skin reach its maximum potential this fall—your ultimate routine awaits!