The Only 5 NYC Nail Salons Fashion GIrls Love

Manicures and pedicures are accessories that live on your body. A good toe color can elevate your average nude or black sandal to something statement-making, and a cool set of nail art can both pull together an entire look and earn you more Instagram likes than posting a $3000 bag. Long story short: Nails are the ultimate way for fashion girls to accessorize their look for less than $100. 

But this only works when you go to a salon that knows what they’re doing. Where do fashion girls with the best nails go to get them done? To start answering that question, we hit up a few of our fashion editor friends in New York City to see where the most stylish women in NYC go for manis, pedis, and nail art. Keep scrolling to discover the five best nail salons in NYC for fashion girl–approved nails.