The Only 22 Zara Items NYC Girls Are Buying This Summer

The sun is out, your swimsuits are already on heavy rotation, and due to the plethora of festive summer outings filling up your social calendars, your desire to shop has increased tenfold. We get it. You need a cute little top to wear with jeans to that picnic, a flowy dress to wear with sandals to an outdoor dinner, and your array of summertime basics is in need of an urgent update. Does that thought process sound familiar? Thought so.

Now, instead of spending tons of money on what can sometimes be very little fabric, we like to head to Zara during the summer season for those last-minute pick-me-ups, and so do some of New York’s most stylish editors. If there’s anyone who understands the heat and pressure to look chic at all times during the summer, it’s the women ahead. These constantly on-the-go, trendy, social ladies know how to shop, but they also know how to save, and according to their lengthy list of products currently in their Zara shopping carts, they are not ashamed to admit they too sneak into a fast-fashion store every once in a while for fashionable yet affordable finds.

Ahead, check out what some of New York’s most stylish fashion and beauty editors are buying from Zara to get them through the rest of summer 2019.