The One Pair of Shoes I’ve Been Wearing Since High School

I was born in the early ’90s, so you can bet my closet was (and still is) chock-full of some of the most iconic staples and accessories of that decade. I loved bucket hats, accordion headbands were my go-to on bad hair days, my black tattoo choker was my all-time favorite, and I lived in Adidas shell-toes. When I started high school in the late 2000s, some of those childhood classics were slowly traded in for other on-trend items that gained popularity in the early aughts, but one remained consistent: my Adidas sneakers.

Adidas was founded in Germany, where I was born, so it’s no surprise I’ve been wearing its sneakers for what feels like forever. However, it was the classic design, versatile look, and the extremely comfortable designs that made me such a loyal customer. I firmly believe that once you find a footwear pick that works for you, nothing should stop you from wearing them year after year. For me, that’s my Adidas sneakers, which have been my go-to shoe of choice for over 15 years. Read on to shop my all-time favorite Adidas kicks.