The New Wave of It Shoe Brands

Warning: The following will cause a mini shopping spree. We’re all about sharing our favorite fashion finds, whether it’s the $10 earrings that look triple the price, the sneaky shopping section on Zara, or today’s topic highlighting the newest wave of footwear brands currently on our radar. Ranging from brands that debuted less than a year ago to a celebrity-favored line that recently announced its expansion into the footwear category, we’re equally excited and eager to add pieces from each selection of new shoe brands.

The easiest way to get to know a brand is by hopping on its IG page, so below, we’re sharing a few of our favorite photos from five accounts so you can get a sense of why we think everyone should know about these shoe brands. We’ve included a mix of styles so that there’s a new brand for everyone to discover. For example, if your focus is stocking up on statement heels, scroll to Amina Muaddi and meet her lovely designs, or if you’re looking for something to fit your minimalistic personal style, meet Neous, a brand with the freshest simple yet detailed designs. Those are just two of the handful we suggest getting to know this year. Meet the next wave of It shoe brands below.