The Neon Sneaker Trend Is Happening

More than any time of year, fashion month is when the freshest emerging trends appear, and not just on the runway—the streets of New York, London, Milan, Copenhagen, and Stockholm (and soon Paris) have been filled with insiders wearing pieces that will soon be everywhere, thanks to them. The aforementioned insiders are particularly fond of sneakers, and while plain white ones will certainly always be a staple, style setters are currently swapping them out for something a little more eye-catching: neon sneakers.

Because all things ’80s are back, including neon, it’s only natural that sneaker brands like Nike and Balenciaga are letting that influence their designs and color selections and that fashion insiders are on board. The beauty of this trend is that it goes with nothing, so it goes with everything, as they say. We’ve spotted the fashion crowd styling neon sneakers with both neutral basics and equally “extra” pieces, so there are no rules when it comes to this trend. See the neon sneaker trend in action and shop our favorite pairs on the market below.