The Naked Trends Celebs Wore All Year

Naked trends equal anything nude, sheer, clear, or barely there in the fashion world. You already knew that, though, because we’ve shared an assortment of different “naked” looks this year. We even ranked what a level 1 to level 10 naked ensemble looks like in our book. (Spoiler alert: Rihanna won as the most naked with her look on our list). With today’s feature, we’re highlighting the different naked trends celebrities supported throughout the year. Everyone from Kate Middleton and Victoria Beckham to Bella Hadid and Kourtney Kardashian had a fair share of nude outfit moments.

Over the past year, celebs have tricked our eyes on the red carpet, with street style looks, and even when it comes to wedding guest looks, by wearing skin-colored or clear items. The most popular “naked” trend of the year falls in the footwear category, with A-listers’ favorite see-through and nude heels and sandals. See the celebrity naked fashion trends that caught our attention this year and shop our favorite pieces inspired by the looks while you’re scrolling.