The Most Popular Swimsuit Trends of 2019

It might not be the most conventional time of the year to buy swimwear considering we’re currently in the middle of winter, but for those of you jetting off on a tropical holiday vacation or are simply dreaming of warmer days to come, you’re welcome for the content ahead. Instead of waiting until spring 2019 to start diving into the freshly released swimsuit trends, we decided to take matters into our own hands and reached out to some of the biggest names in swimwear to dish out which swimsuit trends will be the most popular next year. 

Thanks to the experts working at swimsuit brands like Solid & Striped, Peony, and Anemone, we can now mentally prepare for the storm of pretty bikinis and one-pieces that lie ahead. According to their predictions, 2019 is looking like it should be the year you finally take all those warm-weather vacations you’ve been dreaming about because these swimsuit trends deserve ample photo ops and long walks on the beach.