The Most Googled Fashion Trends of 2018

Yep, we’re also guilty of churning out plenty of “year in review” stories every December. We’ve already highlighted the best designer bags of 2018, our favorite celebrity outfits of the year, and our smartest purchases. But none of the walks down memory lane are quite as satisfying as learning what everyone was during Googling the past 12 months—fashion voyeurism, anyone? 

Google just released its 2018 Year in Search report, which detailed the top trending searches in a variety of categories. We, of course, zeroed in on one section in particular: trending fashion searches. Google revealed that 1980s fashion was the most popular term this year, and we can’t say we’re surprised: The street style scene was full of shoulder pads, acid-wash denim, and other ’80s trends. Scroll down to learn the three other trends that made the top four.