The Light-Wash-Jean Trend That Is Popular in 2019

Let me first say this: Trends never really go “out.” If you love something, even if it’s not that popular, and it makes you feel comfortable and like yourself, then by all means, go for it. That said, there are certain looks that I personally have never been that into and always kind of hoped would fizzle away a bit—one of which is light-wash jeans.

While this denim style has crept around for years, it seems to be making an even larger impact this season. I’ve always preferred darker-wash jeans because I thought they were ideal for a streamlined, polished look, but I’m coming around to the lighter styles. Not only is the look on trend, but it also gives a cool, laid-back, almost retro twist to any ensemble. Who doesn’t want that, right?

To showcase the vibe further, I’m showcasing 10 fashion girls wearing light jeans that convinced me to change my mind on the polarizing trend. Keep scrolling for more, and shop a few pairs while you’re at it.