The History of Fashion Week in the Early 2000s

We last took you on a tour of fashion week in the ’90s, which was fascinating, if we do say so ourselves (so much Kate Moss and Cindy Crawford—always a good thing). Now, since the early 2000s are a thing again in the fashion world (sorry, low-rise-jeans haters), we’re seizing the opportunity to take a look back at that time period and what it was like to attend fashion week.

Some things over the past nearly 20 years haven’t changed (Sarah Jessica Parker in the front row), but many things have (every attendee watches the shows through an iPhone screen now). All in all, our big takeaway in reviewing the early-2000s scene is that fashion week was undoubtedly becoming the huge spectacle that it is today, with influencers of that time (e.g., Paris Hilton) walking the red carpet, and runway shows starting to rival the production value of a Broadway show. But you probably just want to see what we mean with your own eyes, right? Below, check out what fashion week looked like in the early 2000s, from backstage to front row to the runway.