The Goop Beauty Shopping Guide: A Review of Every Product

As someone who writes about countless beauty brands on a daily basis from the closed-off confines of my desk, I’m always curious to know what’s actually resonating out in the real consumer world. Perhaps not so surprisingly, I get a lot of leads from the responses to my product-studded Instagram Stories. One theme I haven’t been able to ignore? People are completely obsessed with and intrigued by Goop Beauty (which, in case you’re not familiar, is the brand’s impressive line of clean, nontoxic skincare).  

Considering the brand’s commitment to high-quality, and organic ingredients, price tags run high, and I receive DMs on a weekly basis about my thoughts. Are the products worth the bank account plunge? Are they as great as they sound? Do they actually work? How do they compare to other clean beauty products? So on and so forth. However, there was one minute glitch: Up until somewhat recently, I’d only barely dabbled into the brand’s tempting pool of offerings. Therefore, I did what any responsible beauty editor would do, and I called in every product for research. The goal: try everything and report back with all of my honest findings. 

If I had ended up hating everything, the experiment could have been a complete disaster, but to my very pleasant surprise (I’ve slowly evolved into quite the beauty skeptic), I truly loved the majority of formulas I scrubbed, rubbed, and massaged into my skin. Everyone has different skin types and skin concerns, so my experience and thoughts definitely aren’t gospel, but as someone who has been around the block in terms of products and natural skincare exposure, I feel pretty well-versed when it comes to judging the efficacy and worthwhileness of a product. (It’s in my job description, after all!) Ahead, the 10 Goop Beauty products I’m officially obsessed with and would add to your shopping cart ASAP. Keep scrolling!