The French-Girl Jeans-and–Ankle Boots Outfits to Know

There are many reasons we’re always down to chat about French girls, but above all else is their fashion choices. Because really, who doesn’t want to emulate that effortless, pared-down vibe? Exactly. For inspiration on mastering this desirable Parisienne look, we usually turn to the coolest women on Instagram for guidance.

Well, on one of our recent IG-scrolling rabbit holes, we uncovered that many of our recent favorite ensembles feature simple yet modern ankle boots–and-jeans combos. It honestly makes sense because the duo gives off that laid-back yet polished silhouette—and that pretty much sums up the “French look.” While all of the ‘fits we discovered are unique in their own way, the one common thread is that they’re all fuss-free, featuring only a few simple yet statement-making pieces.

To show you what we mean, we rounded up our favorite Parisian outfits featuring ankle boots below. Keep scrolling to find the new uniform that will make you feel like you’re walking the streets of Paris all year long.