The First Super Bowl Twitter Fight Just Broke Out, And It’s A Doozy

San Francisco 49ers cornerback Richard Sherman was still playing defense after his team beat the Green Bay Packers on Sunday to advance to the Super Bowl.

While Sherman’s interception late in the game sealed the 37-20 victory in the NFC championship game, a former rival was talking smack about him as Sherman celebrated his third trip to the Super Bowl. (He won one with Seattle.)

Former NFL great Darrelle Revis was indeed one of the best cover men in the game, but why diss now?

Revis, who retired in 2018, blasted Sherman for “hiding” in zone coverage and claimed he was afraid of defending receivers man-to-man.

“All y’all think I’m throwing shade,” the former New York Jet wrote. “I’m not. Just stating the man is not a pound for pound man to man corner.”

Like the rest of the league, Revis is probably aware that Sherman talks a good game, too. The ex-Stanford star came out the better in a feisty Twitter joust. “I would go in on this has been but I have a Super bowl to prepare for. Enjoy the view from the couch,” he wrote to Revis.

He then threw shade at a later stage of Revis’ career.

Revis clapped back with statistical ammo and warned Sherman that he will have to cover a tough and speedy Kansas City Chiefs receiving corps in the Super Bowl on Feb. 2 in Miami. Sherman clearly had energy to burn after the game because he kept zinging back into the wee hours on Monday. He also offered Revis a spelling lesson and a visual reminder that he made mistakes, too.

To be fair, Revis has a Super Bowl victory to his credit with the New England Patriots (which beat Sherman’s Seahawks) and he has three interceptions to Sherman’s four in the postseason, NBC noted.

But Revis loses points for pettiness. Victory to Sherman.