The Fashion Crowd Isn’t Wearing This Wardrobe Basic

Truth be told, you can learn just as much observing the various fashion week’s attendees as you can the runway shows and presentations, and that’s precisely what we’ve been doing. And a big part of what we look for are the things the stylish attendees aren’t wearing anymore. We’ve noticed a big one at recent fashion weeks, which was only solidified by this NYFW

While outerwear isn’t always the most common thing to see at the S/S shows (it is still summer in New York, after all), there was a bit of a cool snap in NYC this week, and the fashion crowd immediately started wearing jackets when the temperatures fell into the 60s. But one style that we’re seeing very few of is leather moto jackets. 

Now before you immediately list yours on eBay, we’d be remiss not to point out that wearing an attention-getting look is key among the street style crowd. While leather jackets are and always will be a wardrobe staple, they’re a bit more basic than the fashion crowd demands, especially at an event like fashion week, where street style photographers are swarming.  

So what are we seeing instead? Lots of oversized blazers in bold colors and plaid, reworked trench coats, faux fur, and animal prints. It all seems to be working in their favor, because we have the street style photos to prove it. Keep scrolling to see the trending styles and shop them for yourself.