The Engagement Ring Style That Will Look Best on Your Finger

Selecting (or hinting at!) your dream engagement ring style is certainly easier said than done. With a slew of different cuts and so much inspiration out there (hello, newly engaged fashion girls), it can be tough deciphering which style will suit you and look best on your finger. Because no matter how much your heart is set on a certain ring style, if it’s not flattering on your hand, you may end up regretting your choice if your ring makes your fingers look shorter or knuckles look larger.

To help you pinpoint the perfect engagement ring style for you and avoid simply relying on trial and error when ring shopping, we tapped celeb-favorite jewelry designer Neil Lane to spill on the best ring styles for every finger and hand shape. His expert advice could lead you to your dream ring.

Keep scrolling to find the ideal engagement ring style for you, and shop our picks for each.