The Easy and Chic Way to Style Sweaters

Whenever I spot an outfit idea I love while scrolling through IG, I add it to my saved folder. Well, I recently perused through said photo collection—and I uncovered a styling trend that fashion people seem to be relying heavily on right now. Now, this look isn’t necessarily new, but it seems the style set is embracing the look in an even more noteworthy way at the moment. And honestly, I think this simple stying trick can make an outfit feel all the chicer. Yep, I’m talking about the sweater-around-your-shoulders vibe.

This look of tying a sweater over your shoulders is a simple way to bring a directional spin to any silhouette. It’s also practical in that it can add extra warmth if that’s needed. Overall, this silhouette feels sophisticated, elevated, and incredibly modern. If you’re interested in testing out the look in question, keep scrolling for a range of outfit inspiration. I also included shopping picks as well for further inspo.