The East-West Engagement Ring Trend Is on the Rise

Whether you may be getting engaged soon, are already married, or are single, there’s something about engagement ring trends that’s just immensely intriguing. It’s probably the only thing that people wear every day for life, so it’s pretty important. Plus, there’s the simple fact that engagement rings are very pleasing to the eye, especially when they’re designed by Anna Sheffield.

At this point, I’ve lost count of how many engagement ring trends Sheffield has had a hand in starting. The NYC-based (she also has a store in Los Angeles) jewelry designer works closely with clients and creates custom pieces in addition to the brand’s staple designs and seasonal pieces, so if anyone has a firm grasp on what engagement ring trends people are interested in at any given moment, it’s her.

I asked Sheffield what the fresh, unexpected engagement ring trend that’s currently on the rise is, and she said, “I’ve never been one to bend to convention. And though a lot of what we started making in 2011 with the launch of our ceremonial rings that seemed really ‘alternative’ is now pretty par for the course (rose-gold and black diamonds, nesting rings, mixed metal), I think at the moment our most embraced non-conforming designs are the East-West settings. Super pared-down solitaires with just enough of a design element to know they are from a brand and not generic but with the simple twist of turning the stone sideways in the setting. We have been making these rings with pear-shaped diamonds as well as emerald cuts and long cushions and are just about to add more multi-stone iterations.”

If you want a modern, unique engagement ring that won’t look like it’s trying too hard to be different, I highly recommend considering East-West engagement rings, especially given Anna Sheffield’s approval. Keep scrolling to shop her designs along with an assortment of other East-West styles.