The daughter of a woman who died from vaping speaks out

Maggie Davis cannot remember a time when her mother, Mary Kerrie, didn’t smoke.

Davis, of Blairsville, Georgia, said her mother gravitated toward e-cigarettes about a decade ago, as a way to quit traditional tobacco. She assumed they were healthier.

On Sept. 6, Mary Kerrie Davis, 52, died suddenly.

Davis’ father called her with the crushing news.

“The first thing I said was, ‘You have to get this investigated,'” Davis told NBC News.

“I’m never smoking again”

Davis, 21, said her mother usually smoked e-cigarettes with nicotine, but started using THC cartridges about a year ago.

Because THC is illegal in Georgia, Davis said her mother turned to the black market.

This past July, Mary Kerrie traveled from her Georgia home to California and vaped legal marijuana, according to Davis.