The Controversial Camo Pants Trend Is Officially Back

Hate is a strong word, but let me tell you that my aversion to camouflage print used to know no bounds. I realize I’m the outlier here since the military-inspired print has always been in style at some point. If anything, I blame my cringe-worthy Abercrombie & Fitch phase back in the late 2000s (cringe-worthy also because it was during my middle school days—no further explanation).

To my surprise, I’ve been finding myself looking at camo pants with a twinkle in my eye that says Wait, are camo pants actually cool and I’ve been missing out? It all started when I came across an image of a pair from the covetable Attico x Re/Done collab, which naturally had the stamp of approval from cool girls everywhere. That, and it was styled with barely there strappy sandals and a simple black tank top—a summer outfit idea I’m really into.