The Colorful Celebrity Legging Trend That’s Everywhere

By now we’ve all accepted the fact that leggings are a staple in everyone’s wardrobe both at the gym and for off-duty life. Am I right? Great. While I’ve consistently seen fashion people step out in a variety of black and neutral leggings with their forward ensembles, there’s a new trend cropping up I wasn’t expecting—and that’s brightly colored leggings.

Yep, in line with the highlighter craze that’s held strong ever since designers from Prada to Tibi showcased vibrant colors on the fall runways, it seems the look has infiltrated the legging universe now. It’s actually celebrities who are repping the trend the most. Ashley Graham recently wore an electric-blue pair out and about in NYC, and other noteworthy A-listers like Jennifer Lopez have been spotted in colorful, printed pairs as well.

While it’s definitely a look that’s out there and not necessarily for the faint of heart, it’s a trend worth considering if you really want to make a statement. To see what I mean, keep scrolling to check out how celebs are wearing colorful leggings, and shop a few cool pairs while you’re at it.