The Chic Sleepwear Trend Fashion Girls Are Wearing 24/7

Once upon a time, we considered white sneakers a trend—remember when they emerged alongside the rise of athleisure? Flash forward to 2018 and the comfortable footwear has earned staple status. Same with leggings—no matter which side of the controversial leggings-as-pants debate you stood on, you can’t deny their ubiquity. What I’m trying to say is that comfort is slowly taking over our wardrobes.

The next trend on deck? Sleepwear. Nightgowns, satin pajama shirts, and matching sets are all a part of this growing micro-trend. There’s a wave of stylish sleepwear brands like Sleeper, whose dreamy nightgowns are way too pretty to be worn solely for sleeping. While I’m not suggesting that you actually roll straight out of bed and into the day’s itinerary, I think there’s something to be said about wearing something ridiculously comfy and calling it fashion.

Ahead, see the sleepwear trend in action IRL and shop our breakdown of the key pieces.