The Casual Blazer Outfit You’re About to See Everywhere

As fashion people, we’re no strangers to a little sartorial adventure. While we all tend to stay within our style vibe (I lean heavily on my jeans and basics), we’re always down to test out a fresh new trend and something that might seem “risky” at first usually doesn’t phase us. Keyword usually. There are certain looks that are more out-there than others (we’re looking at you, “napkin” tops and naked dresses).

Luckily, today’s outfit trend is on the more wearable end of the risk-taking spectrum and, even better, it only requires two basic items: a big blazer and tall boots. It all comes down to the styling with this one—fashion people are opting for an oversized blazer and throwing it on top of a mini skirt or a mini dress so that from a certain distance it looks like they’re not even wearing pants. Finish it off with either of the current boot trends, knee-high or chunky boots, and voilà, the casual blazer outfit you’re going to see people repeating over and over this fall. Scroll down for plenty of photo evidence and, of course, shop our favorite blazer and boot pairings.