The Best Zendaya Outfits We’re Not Over Yet

Ever since Zendaya rose to fame, we’ve been tracking her ever-evolving style. As a talented singer, actress, designer, and now Emmy winner (is there anything she can’t do?), it’s expected that she might bring something fresh to any red carpet appearance. However, when it comes to this 24-year-old, it’s not just something fresh—she’s delivered time and time again a number of certifiable jaw-dropping moments.

Thanks, in part, to continued collaboration with stylist Law Roach, Zendaya is not only always pushing the envelope and experimenting with style, but she also isn’t afraid to be outspoken when it comes to her point of view. So whether she’s wearing oversize suits, pairing classic trench coats with tracksuits, or giving us vintage-inspired realness, we will never get over how amazing she looks and how she inspires us to be daring as well. See what we’re talking about ahead, as we celebrate 18 of her best looks (thus far).