The Best Zara Items to Buy in 2019

The Zara sale is now drawing to a close, but we find the best way to approach shopping at this time of year is to think carefully about the pieces that will be trending over the next 12 months. What will be the 2019 version of the printed kimono, say? Or the next It Zara coat? There are certain trends and pieces that are set to be real success stories throughout 2019—animal print is still going strong and is likely to become even more popular, and mock croc continues to dominate accessories.

Then there are some new trends added to the mix. Beige is set to be the key color for spring/summer 2019 season, and we’ve found the most amazing pair of knee-high leather boots, which are the perfect finishing touch for any tonal outfits. Pretty blouses are hardly a new trend, however, jeans with a nice top is an easy outfit that more of us will revisit this year. 

Keep scrolling to discover the six items that everyone will want to buy from Zara in 2019.