The Best Winter Skincare Routines, According to Experts

Question one: Have you ever wanted to play fly on the wall to witness each and every step of a celebrity esthetician’s skincare routine? Same. Question two: Has the cold, dry winter weather ever left you and your cranky skin in the lurch? Flaky… Dry… Chapped… Red? Double same.

We’re officially knee-deep within the deep dark depths of winter, and we’d be lying if we said our skin’s overall health and glow-hydration ration hasn’t been severely compromised. However, we have noticed the skin of our favorite celebrities (and their A-list skin experts) seems to be doing business as usual—clear, calm, dewy, plump…you get the picture.

To get to the bottom of their healthy, balanced, all-around-radiant winter secrets, we went straight to the glow-giving source: three celebrity skin experts who also happen to be super-savvy founders of their very own skincare lines. (In other words, they know a thing or two about keeping skin on good behavior year-round—regardless of frigid temperatures or moisture-devoid conditions.)

Below, I asked some of the best women in the industry—Shani Darden, Renée Rouleau, and Vanessa Lee—to share their skin type, winter skin concerns, and the exact morning and evening skincare routines they swear by to get through the season unscathed. Keep scrolling!