The Best Under-$99 Basics at Revolve

Here at Who What Wear, we are huge fans of putting our money toward things that are cute, yes, but also toward pieces that develop a meaningful and well-rounded wardrobe. While we might push and shove the newest and coolest trends in your face, we also want you to take time to think about the building blocks of your wardrobe, starting with some of the basics. Basics can include anything from white T-shirts to a versatile pair of trousers, and thanks to Revolve, you can get any kind of basic your heart desires for under $99. 

After scrolling through (I kid you not) over 45 pages of products on Revolve, I put together the below list of the items I fell hard for. Between marked-down snakeskin sandals I would wear all spring long to an under-$100 black-tie gown, I can promise you that the shopping curation below is worth freaking out over. At least I think so.