The Best Under-$200 Outfits From Shopbop, Mango, & Nordstrom

So I’m guessing at most other jobs, you have the typical bookmarks like your email, Google calendar, a project management site, and maybe a few other biz needs. But as a fashion editor, my desktop looks a little bit different. Sure, I have all the usual tabs, but I also have a lot of fashion sites at the ready. (Hey, look: It’s my job to know what’s going on in the shopping space!) With that being said, I’m always refreshing my go-to’s: Shopbop, Mango, Nordstrom, and H&M.

Since I visit these brands so often, I’m pretty well-versed on all the new stuff they add, and because I’m me, I’ve already started putting together outfits with all the gems I’ve found. These days, I’ve been saving a bit of cash here and there, so I figured it’s time I treated myself to a few new looks. Whether you’re looking to spend a little cash you got from your birthday, the earnings from the dresses you finally sold on Poshmark, or just want to splurge with some of those hard-earned bills, I put together the best ways to spend $200 at my favorite bookmarked retailers.