The Best Under-$100 Zara Picks, According to Our Editors

Poof! Imagine $100 at Zara drops into your lap. What would you buy? This is the question I posed to my fellow editors, and with our imaginary money, we all found different yet equally thrilling gems. Managing editor Michelle Scanga is leaning hard into the leopard pieces, which makes great sense given that they’re selling out fast. Senior news editor Erin Fitzpatrick took her fellow editor’s piece on the ’80s jewelry trend to heart and snagged a pair of colorful baubles. As for myself, I blew my entire budget on one standout piece: a rich chocolate brown slip that is styled to perfection with stirrup leggings (again with the ’80s) and minimalist sandals. After one of our editors wrote about the lingerie-style pieces hiding on the site, I knew I needed to get one for myself. Scroll on to see and shop all of our picks, knowing you can shop any editor’s wish list without spending over a Benjamin