The Best Travel Beauty Products, According to Fashion Girls

As much as fashion insiders like to talk about, well, fashion, they very often have an affinity for all things beauty as well. Yes, just as quickly as they’ll tell you about the latest trends they’re adopting in their closets, I’m betting that they would be ready to spill just which life-changing mask they’re using or the concealer that never leaves their bag or the must-try Hollywood-approved spray tan if you asked them. So naturally, I did just that. Specifically, I wanted to find out the beauty products that are so good that they always land in fashion insiders’ travel bags. To me, a beauty product someone can’t travel without just has to be worth trying.

So what are the best beauty products according to fashion insiders? Ahead, I’m breaking down the items they’ll never leave the country without. Go on to shop their tried-and-tested favorites to add to your medicine cabinet.