The Best Things Who What Wear Editors Bought This Year

When it’s your job to shop, you end up, well, shopping a lot. That’s certainly the case with all of us at Who What Wear editors, who made quite a lot of purchases between us in 2018. Some of them were admittedly mistakes, but many quickly became items that we don’t know how we lived without—which brings us here today.

We thought long and hard, all the way back to January, about every item we acquired this year, narrowing it down to 13 of our favorites. For some of us (on the NYC editorial team, specifically), it was all about outerwear and boots while for others (i.e., the Los Angeles team), it was about everyday accessories and colorful accent pieces. Oh, and you’ll see below that many of our favorites are quite trend-driven, with leopard print, croc embossing, and logomania all present and accounted for. The good news is that we plan on wearing even the trendier pieces well into 2019, so if you love our picks, you can shop them too. Just keep on scrolling to do just that.