The Best Sweaters at Free People

Sweater season is officially upon us, and if you ask me, there are just one too many fabulous places to look for cool sweaters these days. Not that we’re complaining, but sifting through retailer after retailer for the best knitwear around can be taxing. That’s where I come in—hi! Free People happens to be one of my favorite destinations for standout sweaters of all kinds, and the fall 2018 season is no different.

Ahead, I have shopped out the 20 Free People sweaters I would literally do anything to own. While some of the pieces below are obviously a reach price-wise, most of them are wildly affordable. But for the ones that are chunky and perfect but also cost more than I’d like, don’t even question the kinds of things I’d do have one hanging in my closet, but I digress. Between the cardigans, turtlenecks, pullovers, and more, I know you’re destined to find a perfect sweater among the mix just as I have. I mean, heck, I found 20.