The Best Spring Street Style 2019

Just like that, fashion month has come and gone. New York, London, Milan, and Paris educated us on the latest runway trends, and the attendees educated us on the latest street style looks to try. While there were countless days filled with hundreds of standout looks, we took it upon ourselves to identify a small handful of our favorites for you right here. The seven street style looks ahead not are only some of the best we’ve spotted individually, but they also represent larger outfit themes we’ve noticed from city to city.

What we are most excited to report after carefully studying the most eye-catching street style looks this season is that the dressing is getting a lot more approachable. The whole more-is-more stigma that’s usually associated with street style has (for the most part) faded away, and practical pieces are taking center stage. From buttery leathers to all-beige ensembles, get ready for the roundup of street style looks we loved the most, including all the shopping guidance you’ll need to copy each.