The Best Sneakers If You Don’t Like “Ugly” Styles

I want to get real with you for a moment. I’m just not into “ugly” shoes. There, I said it. Okay, okay, I absolutely get the appeal of “dad” sneakers and chunky styles. The silhouettes absolutely felt refreshing and forward at a time when basic sneakers started feeling stale, but I’m ready for them to be done. Other fashion people seem to be on my side, too. We recently covered the potential demise of the trend and how Jenny Walton hopes to see intentionally “ugly” shoes go away in 2019 in favor of more refined styles.

When you think about it, would that really be so bad? Sleek, streamlined trainer silhouettes (think: clean leather sneakers) do wonders for a wardrobe because they can instantly elevate any look you’re wearing while maintaining that chill and cool vibe. On that note, I wanted to take the rest of our time to showcase some of these alternative sneaker styles to consider next year. And if you disagree with me and are still feeling “ugly” sneakers, then, by all means, keep kicking it and live your life.