The Best Skin Regimen for Dryness, According to a Facialist

Again, not to be a broken record, but as Benjamin confirms, the absolute worst thing you can do if you have dry skin is to not exfoliate.

“People often think exfoliation is too harsh for their skin, and it’s absolutely not true. You just need to find the exfoliation technique that works best for your skin type, whether it’s dermaplaning, acid and enzyme peels, gomage, etc.,” Benjamin explains to us. “Oftentimes, your skin might react because you haven’t been exfoliating, but once you start doing it regularly, your skin will adjust, and any adverse reaction will more than likely subside.”

If you think your skin is too sensitive, she recommends starting an exfoliation-focused regimen slowly, gradually building up to a regular routine. The skin has an amazing healing ability—don’t underestimate it!

Additionally, Benjamin recommends sticking to warm water versus hot in the shower, investing in radiant heaters and humidifiers, drinking tons (and tons) of water, and applying a body oil the second you step out of the shower when your skin is still moist to ensure you’re locking in all that essential hydration.