The Best Office Outfits, According to Successful Women

Dressing for the office doesn’t mean you have to lose your sense of style. In fact, we’d argue wearing outfits that communicate your taste and personal style is not only important within a professional setting (self-confidence, people), but actually achievable no matter what office environment you’re dealing with. If you work in a corporate setting, make small tweaks to your looks, like hiring a tailor to create a perfect fit or wearing colors that feel of-the-moment. Or, if you work in a more creative industry, try out more trend-forward pieces that work within the confines or professional attire.

So, what, exactly, are the office outfits successful women wear to work? I turned to three successful women in the fashion e-commerce, talent management, and digital publishing spaces to share their best office outfit formulas. Whether they’re drawing on some of the biggest fall trends (hello, ’80s), layering on a tailored blazer, or gravitating toward structured shapes, these are all outfits that make them feel professional and, most importantly, confident. Scroll down to see the work outfits these successful swear by and shop pieces to replicate their looks.