The Best Off-the-Shoulder Outfits, From Celebs to the Runway

One thing I always try to think about when I clean out my closet is, Will I want to wear this piece in the years ahead? Often times with trends, I grow tired of a piece after I start seeing it everywhere, but I have to remind myself that fashion is cyclical and the trend could come back. I have to admit that I encountered this exact scenario with off-the-shoulder tops. A few years back, they were so popular and got so much use in my personal wardrobe that I was wearing them on repeat. I reached a point where I was decidedly over them entirely, though, and every single off-the-shoulder top I owned landed in my donation pile.

Fast forward to 2021 and I wish I’d held onto a few of them. I’ve been spotting off-the-shoulder outfits everywhere recently and think I’m ready for the trend to make a resurgence. I know this might be a controversial opinion—and it certainly has our team of editors divvied—but this time around, off-the-shoulder pieces are sleeker, cooler, and items I want in my closet immediately.