The Best Instagram Fashion Trends 2019

Only 11 days into 2019, we are already fangirling hard over too many Instagram fashion moments to count. We figured it might take a few weeks for our favorite It girls to get back into the swing of things after the holiday break, but they proved us wrong by posting one jaw-dropping Instagram after another only moments into 2019. The number of likes and praising comments aside, the Instagrams you’re about to see are ones we can’t stop talking about here in the Who What Wear offices. We have saved IG folders too, you know.

Ahead, feast your eyes on some of the noteworthiest fashion Instagrams so far this 2019 (according to us). From hair filled with dreamy clips to the party dresses of your dreams, get ready for fashion moments not only worth swooning over but worth shopping for too. So if your New Year’s resolution was to shop less, I apologize in advance for the incredible pieces you’re about to see. You can always pick your resolutions back up in February, right?