The Best Hairstyles to Try According to Your Zodiac Sign

When it’s time for a new cut or hairstyle, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. After all, everywhere we look is inspiration overload, from celebrities to Instagram influencers. Of course, many of us have a good idea of which styles work on us and which ones we’d never think of trying out. Before you head to your stylist or order some hair dye online, we’re here to help streamline the hair-inspo process with a little assistance from—wait for it—your star sign.

Wondering why you’d need astrological guidance to figure out your next hairstyle? The answer is as plain as can be: It’s fun to use your zodiac sign to help you make decisions of all kinds, even if it’s for something as simple as a new haircut. Whether you’re a spicy Gemini who’s been thinking about cutting bangs or a Leo with a penchant for bold hair dye, you’ll find some hair inspiration courtesy of the stars, along with styling products, tools, or accessories to match. Keep scrolling!