The Best Fall Dress Styles You Need in Rotation

This fall is all about dresses, but not just any dresses. The season has brought with it some of the chicest cold-weather looks we’ve seen in a while. While your legs might be bare, we’re tricking some of our favorite dress silhouettes into being seasonally appropriate by way of new textures, more covered silhouettes, and the like. Sure, you can always layer up on top of that sundress you spent all summer in, but why not indulge in a few of the fall trends you’re about to see everywhere?

As we look forward to the season ahead, there are three fall dress styles we love above the rest: velvets, turtleneck silhouettes, and long-sleeve wrap dresses. Shop some of our favorite fall dress styles below, all cold-weather takes on the looks we’ve spent the past few months rocking in the heat.