The Best Drugstore Beauty Routines for Makeup, Hair and Skin

Courtney Higgs is my other WWW beauty editor half, and we have eerily similar taste in almost everything under the sun. Our Zodiac signs are supremely compatible (she’s a Cancer, and I’m a Taurus), and honestly, the only thing we’ve disagreed on lately is our preferential candy bar—she’s team Snickers, and I’m team Twix. Another major similarity that’s actually worth talking about given the nature of our jobs as beauty editors? Our unabashed, ridiculously expensive taste in beauty products. I don’t want to call us beauty snobs, per se, but we definitely swing upscale and spendy where our favorite brands and products are concerned. And we’re far more likely to talk your ear off about a $50 lipstick we’re obsessing over than a cleanser from the drugstore. 

However, as much as we love the allure of investment-worthy formulas, we also know there is plenty of beauty product gold to be found at the drugstore, and lately, we’ve been sprinkling in a few super-effective yet low-budget favorites among our bottles of SkinCeuticals, Oribe, Tatcha, and more. (In some cases, we’ve swapped them altogether!) To provide you with a quick glimpse, Courtney and I are each sharing five expensive hair, skin, and makeup staples alongside the less expensive drugstore dupes we use and recommend. Keep scrolling!