The Best Coats and Boots at Shopbop

Winter is well on its way, and during this season, in particular, there are two items you can never seem to have enough of—coats and boots. Considering these are two winter wardrobe workhorses, meaning you most likely wear a coat and a boot of some variation every day, we fully support the addition of a few new coats and boots into your wardrobe this year.

While there are many retailers that carry a wide variety of both of these products, Shopbop is undeniably one of our favorite destinations for the duo. Between the designer selection and range of price points, there truly is something for everyone hiding amid the many pages of the site, but today, we’re here to bring you all the coats and boots that made us do a double take.

Like we said before, you can really never have too many pairs of boots or too many types of coats, so ahead, we’re further encouraging you to buy a few more. Sorry, not sorry.