The Best Cat Costumes for a Low-Key Halloween

Every girl loves a cat costume for Halloween. It’s festive, flirty, and versatile. It can be as simple or as complex as you want it to be, and the best cat costumes can be created from pieces you already own. While a basic black cat is clearly the go-to, you can also get more specific, opting for a celebrity cat like Karl Lagerfeld’s pampered pet Choupette or good-old Garfield the cat (no catsuit required, we promise).

Creating the best cat costumes is made easy by the fact that cool cat ears abound, from realistic furry ones to fancy lace ones. We narrowed down our favorite feline costume options, and we found everything you’ll need to re-create them. Not only that, but we rounded up the best cat ears and masks on the internet too, because life’s too short for plain felt ears. (These cat ears are so good that you don’t even necessarily need a costume to go along with them if dressing up isn’t your thing.)

Keep scrolling to shop our favorite variations of a low-key cat costume, and shop the coolest ears on the market.